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Maintenance Services

Scheduled maintenance on your HVAC and building systems is the most important preventive measure you can take in ensuring that you maintain a healthy and efficient indoor environment. A healthy indoor environment has a direct impact on productivity and your bottom line. ibcontrols offers 24/7 HVAC maintenance services to help ensure your systems run optimally.


Training Sessions

Proper training can help ensure that the full range of benefits and capabilities available in a building management system are being used effectively. Enroll in an ibcontrols training session to discover the power and potential of your BMS system.

Remote Monitoring & Alerts

Monitoring and alert services for building automation systems, including email, text, and voice notifications.

Testing & Balancing

Testing, adjusting and balancing services to achieve proper operation of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.

Energy Auditing

Inspection, survey and analysis of building systems to reduce energy usage and operating costs while maintaining occupant comfort.

Executive Reporting

Comprehensive summary reports of facility performance.

LEED Measurement & Verification

Resource tracking and reporting systems to meet LEED M&V requirements.

Education & Training

ibcontrols offers classroom-based as well as on-site training for a variety of BMS platforms and systems.