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Systems Integration

Different DDC systems and networks can be linked together so they can be controlled from a single platform. This platform can then share information from one protocol to another, as well interact with all the devices connected to it.

ibcontrols offers both PC and network-appliance integration platforms to suit a variety of applications. Our platforms can connect to a wide variety of DDC protocols and systems - from BACnet to Lon to Modbus to N2 to proprietary types.

Benefits of System Integration:

Integrate Multiple Systems into One Seamless Platform

Separate stand-alone systems using different protocols and platforms can be combined into a single, seamless building management system.


Improve Performance of Existing Equipment

Building comfort and efficiency can be improved by integrating the HVAC, lighting, and other building systems to common schedules.


Gain Remote Accessibility

Use your browser or web-enabled smart phone to monitor and adjust your building management system from almost anywhere.


Simplify Facility Operations

Facility operations are simpler with an integrated user interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Simplify Operation